PowerPolymer Solutions is a multi-scale, chemical-materials-structures platform that provides the world with structurally resilient, energy-resourced, and sustainable community solutions that minimize cost and vulnerability while maximizing quality of life and ensuring the future of our smart, built environment.


PowerPolymer Solutions' mission is to develop fundamental products and research in innovative, self-healing polymer / composite systems that produce a library of properties and capabilities on a community-resilience platform to address challenges in multi-hazards mitigation and structural & energy sustainability.
It was an honor to be a mentor for PowerPolymer (Solutions) during the Fall 2020 MassChallange. During the past few months, I have developed a deep appreciation for both Dr. Attard and his invention. The numerous benefits of PowerPolymer (Solutions') materials are incredible and applicable across a vast breadth of market applications. Even better, there are potential market applications that are not yet discovered. I am excited that I will be able to look back and brag, “I knew Dr. Attard and his company before they hit the big time!”  
—   Steve Pearson, Pearson Strategy Group


“To raise new questions, new possibilities; to regard old problems from a new angle… requires imagination, creativity, and ingenuity.  This marks real advance in science.”
- Dr. Thomas L. Attard, Founder & CEO of PowerPolymer Solutions 

About PowerPolymer Solutions

PowerPolymer Solutions is an innovative community resilience company unlike any other.  We have developed all-encompassing lightweight products that embody PowerPolymer Solutions' Community Revitalization foundation by harnessing the power of scientifically proven "chemical advantage" for builders and engineers.

Our patented technology is founded on our theory of molecular re-generativity™ that allows us to scale molecular-level properties to a achieve a library of desirable material properties, such as advanced fracture toughness and damping properties, that enable us to design structures to combat complex multi-hazards. For example, PowerPolymer Solutions designs fire-resistant safe shelters for families during natural disasters, including EF-5 tornados, near-field earthquakes, and / or slamming hurricane forces using a simple spray-on (“paintable”) coating.

We are an innovative community resilience company unlike any other.  We provide fire-resistant safe shelters for families during natural disasters, including EF-5 tornados. We extend the lives of aging bridges amidst earthquakes and slamming coastal hurricanes. We greatly enhance energy efficiency and wind-capture capability in lighter larger wind turbine blades. 

PowerPolymer Solutions' products are lightweight, affordable, extremely durable, energy efficient, and environmentally responsible.

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How We Got Here

Our company concept was initially predicated on finding affordable solutions for residential construction in regions of high seismicity or devastating winds.  Of primary interest was the New Madrid Seismic Zone, a cluster of Midwestern states with dual threats of large seismic and tornadic activity.

However, the influx of natural disasters created a heightened awareness for the need and challenge to inject unprecedented resistance through newfound fundamental damping.  This is the backbone of our "Protection for All" technology that saves lives.

Through extensive scientific research and testing, PowerPolymer Solutions developed our one-of-a-kind patented materials technology solution to protect tornados, earthquakes, fires, environmental and chemical hazards including pollutants and corrosion, and aging.  Our innovative, environmentally safe chemical compounds absorb shock and vibration and dissipate energy to minimize structural damage and loss of life!

With the versatility of our unique formula, our approach to community resilience came to represent an encapsulating solution, one that has been structurally tested and proven effective for multi-hazards environments in a tumultuous and changing climate and society!


Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.
- Tom Talcott
Colonel, United States Air Force, Ret.

The People Behind The Products

At PowerPolymer Solutions, we have researched, tested, developed and proven our products with the backing of years of federally supported initiatives, providing affordable solutions that protect humanity and sustain communities. 

We care about people!