Protect our real-life heroes & their life-lines of communication.
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Decrease fatalities among troops, law enforcement officers, and first responders with Poly-Defender shatter proof, blast resistant ruck sacks, vests, helmets, and body armour.
  • Extremely lightweight ultra thin front & back panels (weigh less than 30% of comparable products)
  • Shatter proof & ballistic resistant plate inserts - can absorb multiple shots  (.308 & .30 - .06 caliber NIJ level IV)
  • Protects radios, grenades, medical equipment, etc

Military Force Protection 

Instead of retreating from the field of combat following a vest impact, or waiting for a replacement panel to arrive, e.g., in the case of ceramic-designed panels, infantry personnel can continue forward, safely advancing their mission.

Military  Protection Constructions:  Infantry Vest and Ruck  Sack Panels

No bfd per .308 & .30-06 caliber bullets (@ 50 ft)
30% lighter that current panel constructions

The panels, either via insertion into the sleeves of existing vest systems or as stand-alone panels, provide life-saving protection to infantry personnel by absorbing multiple impacts, peppered throughout the panel, without failing, i.e., where bullets are design-ably fragmented and dispersed.

The premise of this manifestation lies within localization, where panel damage, e.g., transverse shear failure, due to impact does not propagate, otherwise compromising panel integrity.

On the other hand, ceramic-based panels commonly utilized by the military, appear to retain roughly – and only – 60% of their pristine strength after a single Level III impact (Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor NIJ Standard-0101.06) and roughly 20% of their original strength after a second Level III impact.
A synthesizable surface modification of structural substrates includes unique nanostructures that elicit molecular properties that impart high-impact dynamics resistance. Extensive experimental and computational testing have elucidated our nanoscale morphology, revealing presence of designable functional groups to form the backbone of our discovery.

Our group has been performing ballistic testing using new materials technologies since 2010. Our discovery has infused vital material damping via unique chemistry to dramatically improve impact-resistance. In 2010, we found that our unique patented chemistry could circumvent back-end panel penetration from .44 magnum caliber bullet impact at 20 feet away. The premise of our discovery was our unique functional chemistry.
Molecular resilience ballistics test
In August 2019, a scientific breakthrough game-changer led us to develop inexpensive and lightweight stand-alone panels through an advanced “polymer-lock science” to mitigate AR-15, .308, and .30-06 caliber bullets (Level III and IV, Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor NIJ Standard-0101.06), fired from 50 feet away.
Poly defender caliber test
Our unique design, predicated on fundamental science, also allows our panels to be safely dropped – without experiencing widespread damage – from drop-heights of 3-story buildings, representing realistic scenarios for soldiers tossing their vests or backpacks from large heights.  While existing ceramic military panels are brittle and can shatter if dropped, e.g., on their edges or corners, our unique panel structure does not fracture while also exuding excellent durability under harsh environmental conditions, e.g., moisture and extreme temperature exposures.