John Winfrey
Vice President for Business Development, CTO & Co-Founder

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Mr. John Winfrey is a degreed chemist who has specialized in the area of polymer synthesis and materials science for three decades. Serving as its Co-Founder, Mr. Winfrey brings to PowerPolymer Solutions strong and reputable abilities and proven success in the area of solution synthesis, both in molecular design as well as formulary design. Subsequently, Mr. Winfrey has been awarded substantial recognizable career success.

Coupled with his degree in Master of Business Administration, Mr. Winfrey has been able to establish a thirty-year professional track record where he has developed synergistic business-chemical models and optimally formulated solutions to satisfy a diversified bandwidth of demanding challenges that bridge the coatings & polymer resin industries with viable customer opportunities.

Mr. Winfrey’s team-building and leadership skills serve to drive and manage projects from start to finish with methodical, organized and on-time deliverables. His past business relationships and ventures attracted PowerPolymer Solutions to seek his expertise, which ultimately led to Mr. Winfrey becoming a full partner with PPS, serving as the company’s Chief Technology Officer and VP for Business Development in order to facilitate PPS’ vision of advanced customer-driven chemical solutions in the polymers and composites markets by capitalizing PPS’ technologies.