Dr. Thomas L. Attard
President, CEO & Co-Founder PowerPolymer Solutions

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Dr. Thomas L. Attard has an earned doctorate degree in structural engineering and mechanics from Arizona State University (2003) and BS and MS degrees from the University of Nevada and ASU. Serving as its Co-Founder, Dr. Attard created PowerPolymer Solutions on a chemical-materials-structures platform to address multi-hazards challenges using scalable structural polymers that transform structural components into monolithic systems. Dr. Attard’s wealth of industry and research experience serves as the company’s backbone, providing the necessary vision to develop cutting-edge multi-scale solutions to infrastructural and structural problems by maximizing energy-transferability properties in materials, specifically focusing on material damping and fracture toughness.

Dr. Attard plays a prominent role in determining PowerPolymer Solutions' risk management, research and development, and implementation strategies to bridge the gap between fundamental research and application. His accomplished academic and professional careers serve as a guide for cultivating an effective team management setting that is rooted in team-orientation, collegiality, and fluid collaboration. He has successfully delivered proven mitigation and resiliency solutions to a diverse spectrum of customers, including federal, state, and private agencies:
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • U.S. National Science Foundation
  • National Cooperative Highway Research Program
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • California and Alabama Departments of Transportation

Dr. Attard has authored 83 articles, holds two patents from the USPTO related to surface modification chemistry, has chaired nine international conferences, has served as editor of three scientific journals, and is an ACI member of the 440 FRP committee, the 440-F subcommittee on FRP Repair Strengthening, the 440-K subcommittee on FRP Material Characteristics, and on the 310-308 Curing Decorative Concrete subcommittee (Task Group II).

As a full-time university professor of 17 years, he has taught impactful courses such as Dynamics of Structures, Finite Element Analysis, Advanced Materials and Composites, and Inelastic Stress Analysis and Plasticity, and was voted ASCE Professor of the Year in 2008 (American Society of Civil Engineers).

Prior to 2003, Dr. Attard worked as a member of the technical staff in the Spacecraft Structures Division at The Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, California.  He has edited two book volumes for the Pan American Congress of Applied Mechanics (PACAM) and served as associate editor for the Journal of Architectural Engineering, guest editor of the Journal of Mechanics of Materials and Structures, and editor of the Athens Journal of Technology and Engineering.

In 2008, Dr. Attard served as Chairman of the Tenth Pan American Congress of Applied Mechanics (PACAM X) in Cancun, Mexico, and in 2010, he served as North American chairman of PACAM XI in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.

From 2013 – 2017, Dr. Attard served as Head of the Civil Engineering Unit for the Athens Institute for Education & Research (ATINER) and also served as chairman of the 3rd – 7th Civil Engineering and 1st and 2nd Structural Engineering Annual Conference Series for ATINER.