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PowerPolymer Solutions is an innovative globalized community resilience company unlike any other.
We make the products they say will save you... actually save you.

We manufacture lightweight vests and ruck sacks to catch .308 and .30-06 caliber bullets.  We manufacture fire-resistant safe shelters against major disasters, including EF-5 tornados.  We add moisture resistance to your home during flooding and rain storms using our easy-to-apply coatings (50-year warranty).  We extend the service life of aging concrete and steel bridges against intense earthquakes and coastal hurricanes.

We manufacture lightweight football helmets to dramatically reduce concussions.  We design lighter, thinner, longer wind turbine blades to enhance energy efficiency & wind-capture capability, including off-shore wind turbines.  We manufacture automotive parts to save the lives of occupants while minimizing vehicular damage.  We produce micro-shreds to help build innovative 3D concrete printed (3DCP) homes and plastic-based components.



We own a patented multi-functional self-healing materials system with a technologically advanced all-in-one “bond-molecule” that is molecularly resilient™ and re-generative.  Our system delivers exceptional products and solutions that save lives, reduce economic loss, and mitigates damage in extreme force environments
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Natural disasters, durability issues and other threats to our safety and quality of life lead to the deaths of thousands of people and cost billions of dollars in property and structural damage.  

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PowerPolymer Solutions uses advanced scientific breakthroughs to revitalize communities. We develop products that tap into the tremendous chemical potential of our new materials to harness the destructive energies of various threats, including ballistics (mass shootings) and tornados.

We also advance existing technologies, like wind capture capability (wind turbines).  Our End Result: We reduce damage, minimize economic loss, enhance the quality of life, and, most importantly, we save lives!


PowerPolymer Solutions' Multi-Functional Materials & Products

PowerPolymer Solutions builds, tests, and validates all of its products, including:

Poly-Storm™ inconspicuous safe rooms that protect residential, commercial, and military structures against EF-5 tornados with added fire resistance, moisture resistance, and ballistic resistance.

Poly-Girder™ is an on-site spray-on coating that protects bridges against major earthquakes and coastal bridges against Katrina-level tidal waves and surges.

Poly-Crash™ automotive parts, including bumpers, hoods, and fenders, protect vehicles and their occupants variable velocity collisions.

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Awards & Recognitions

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2020 Mass Challenge Finalist

MassChallenge is committed to strengthening the global innovation ecosystem by supporting high-potential startups across all industries, from anywhere in the world.  In October 2020, MassChallenge identified top startups and the geographies of top innovators who were launching groundbreaking, fundable businesses and plans.
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2020 Winner of the FM Global Resilience Award

FM Global is a commercial and industrial property insurance company that believes that mitigating risk is the mark of resilient companies.  FM Global takes an engineering-first approach to helping businesses become resilient.