Our initial company concept was predicated on finding inexpensive solutions for residential constructions in regions of high seismicity and high-winds as shown in the multi-hazards maps.

  • Our primary interest was the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) which affects a cluster of Midwest and Southern U.S. states that are at high dual-threat risk for large seismic and tornado (EF-5 rated) damage.

  • By 2010, the spread and threat of school shootings was becoming infectious. We needed to inject tremendous resistance via material damping into high-strength resistance systems that could address challenging shock dynamics (ballistics) problems.

  • This motivated us to develop our C-IDA innovation for tornado, seismic, and hurricane threats, as well as handgun and rifle protection applications (up to Level IV, .308 and .30-06 magnum per National Institute of Justice, NIJ, standards), including riot helmets and shields, and ballistic-resistant doors and walls.

  • Third-party independent testing shows that our unique surface modification could supplant existing design concepts, which typically include heavy, awkward, and expensive steel inserts. With our expanding customer-base and with the versatility of our unique C-IDA, our approach to community resilience came to represent an encapsulating solution, one that is chemically derived and that has been structurally tested at a large-scale for multi-hazards environments in an ever-tumultuous and changing climate and society.